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Sobha One at Sobha Hartland - Dubai Sale

MBR , Dubai | Starting Price : AED 1.1 M


Sobha Realty recently launched Sobha One in the Heart of Dubai. A new lifestyle design 1 & 4 Bedroom apartment and Duplex lined with premium amenities starting from AED 1.1 M With a 60/ 40 Payment plan Sobha Realty, that is surrounded by unique health and luxury amenities. Enjoy the Dubai Skyline's heart views, including Ras Al Khor, Golf Course, and Amenities, while embracing urban island life near Dubai's center. Living in these waterfront homes also means having quick access to upscale dining options and shopping centers, as well as an exclusive boutique. In other words, the residents will have access to all the most modern amenities, such as the beach and experiences, to assist them to lead pleasant lives.

Due to its advantageous location at Sobha Hartland, residents will eventually be able to quickly access the well-known landmarks. Living close to the main thoroughfares, however, also provides hassle-free access to well-known locales, commercial centers, and shopping areas.<>p>

Features & Amenities

The Beachfront apartments at Sobha One by Sobha Realty offer the best in living with first-rate amenities. Residents of this spotless property can take advantage of the recreational opportunities provided while also taking in the coastline's surroundings and views. You may also experience the outdoor adventure, which gives you access to a yoga area, outdoor BBQ places, a swimming pool, a children's play area, outdoor cinema, and many other amenities.

After a hard day, this themed garden is the perfect place to unwind. Step into the pool area, and the stresses of everyday life go away. As you swim laps, you will notice your muscles relaxing and your thoughts clearing. Close your eyes and let the warm sun wash over you, lulling you to sleep.

Master Plan

Sobha one by Sobha is a part of a master-planned development that aims to provide you with access to some of the best benefits of the gated community as well as an exclusive lifestyle. The immediate focus is largely on providing access to a very basic standard of living. Along with this, the development is a part of a neighborhood that places a strong premium on security and privacy. You will at least discover a hassle-free way to live here.


Sobha One is a small universe along the crucial Ras Al Khor Road. As they gaze back, they look to the north to the soothing waters of the Creek. Panorama views of The Burj Khalifa, Creek Tower to the northeast, and Downtown to the west may be found farther north in the skyline.

The best location in Dubai is Sobha One by Soha Group, which allows you quick access to the entire city. The development's central location inside Dubai allows for easy connectivity across the main road networks and provides access to the city's central commercial districts, shopping centers, and entertainment hotspots.

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