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Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences in Business Bay Sale

Dubai, Business Bay


The tallest residential structure in Dubai's Business Bay, Burj Binghatti penthouse, is there to display sumptuous homes created by Binghatti Developers. The unique diamond-shaped tower's apex, created by Jacob & Co., resembles a true crown and will have more than 100 floors and provide residents with a distinctive way of life.

This massive tower's construction at a famous Dubai location has given rise to the new phrase "This Hyper Structure." "Jacob Arabo" is the sole designer of this project, which will soon be a masterpiece in Dubai's residential building industry. The aspirations of people to reach the stars are represented by this magnificent structure. This brand-new architectural marvel in Dubai's skyline will be recognized for its conceptually original concepts and stunning design.

Features & Amenities

Burj Binghatti, the most recent magnificent 100-story residential tower, is equipped with some first-rate features. This facade, which was modeled after the Crown Jewel, is so attractive that everyone is amazed by its elegance and design.

You can alter the scope and style of your existence by relocating to the tallest residential building nearby and utilizing its incredible amenities and services.

Master Plan

The Burj Binghatti master plan seeks to give you the opportunity to live a lifestyle that is specially created to provide you with premium benefits and a high quality of comfort. delivering this supposedly unreachable crown to this area of Dubai as a gem that enhances the city's infrastructure and the breadth of its spectacular lifestyle.

This fantastic infrastructure will enhance the elegance and infrastructure of Dubai, where it will be created, along with its more exciting services and amenities and the employees needed to operate them.


The Burj Binghatti Tower is located in Dubai's Business Bay and offers its residents a distinctive and affluent way of life. The tallest residential towers in the world are located in Business Bay, which offers this realm of heightened luxury and gives people access to meaningful living that is entwined with many benefits.

The location allows you quick access to a luxurious lifestyle by making it simple for you to commute to a variety of locations and routes, as well as to significant schools and academic centers, commercial hubs and employment centers, destinations, and landmarks.

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