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Chic Tower at Business Bay - Damac Sale

Business Bay, Dubai | Starting Price : 1.46M AED


Chic Tower by Damac Properties is the most recent and just announced development in Business Bay, Dubai, offering selected design studios to 4-bedroom apartments. Discover new heights of luxury in a premium location acknowledged for the exceptional features it has to offer in close proximity. A place that is special and unique from the rest of Dubai, where you are provided with some of these premium amenities.

Business Bay, which is currently one of the extraordinary communities where life is established at its height, aims to become the pinnacle of luxury and better living via the brilliance of architecture and legendary construction activities. The inhabitants' ability to lead the most elevated lives, above and beyond their comfort, and transform all forms of enjoyment thanks to the community's numerous amenities is essential to maintaining the dignity that depends on them.

Features & Amenities

Along with its seven refreshing bathing zones, including hot, cold, salt, and mud baths, Damac Chic Tower offers some of the best-in-class amenities ever. Discover the 180-meter-long lazy river, which meanders, as well as the cabanas, spas, juice bars, and gyms. You can come here and lose yourself in the benefits it has to offer the locals and make use of its whole variety of amenities to live above comfort if you want to enjoy life at new heights and elegance.

Everything about this property is amazing, from the accessibility to the nearby supermarkets that provide everything you need in a matter of minutes. There are many projects and beautiful infrastructure to travel around and enjoy in terms of exploration and places to delight oneself. You have access to all the institutions, schools, shops, groceries, and more you could possibly need here, so your life is independent.

Master Plan

offering users the most luxurious life possible at Damac Chic Tower so they can experience the ultimate ascent to the pinnacles of prosperity and luxury. Living in a well-constructed constructed home feels both real and like a dream. The outstanding facilities, amenities, access, and more are available for you to enjoy without giving anything up or making compromises.

Your time is made simple and exciting with easy access to a variety of locations in lifestyle. When you arrive and begin to understand life here, happiness and harmony become the ultimate focus and elevation with nothing to stand in the way.


In close proximity to the Dubai Canal, the Burj Khalifa, and other premier residential developments, the Damac Chic Tower is situated in Business Bay, Dubai, providing consistently breathtaking views and visuals. You can access popular landmarks, locations, attractions, sports, and more through the website to enjoy outside of the context. Enjoy the stunning sights and locations that give visitors access to the most explorable areas.

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