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Nasma Residences by Arada at Sharjah Sale

Al Tayy Suburb - Sharjah


Arada is going to present a new project Nasma Residences at Al Tayy, Sharjah a new luxury exclusive design 4-bedroom semi-detached villas, 4 & 5-bedroom limited edition signature villas, and 2 & 3-bedroom townhouses lined with premium facilities. After Getting many more successes in the recent phase of the development, The Developer comes up with a new design idea to add to villas within the famous community. Where all of the essentials are provided as well as affordable.

We feel that the home is more than simply a single house; it is a place where you can be comfortable. We support creating homes where you can raise a family, carve out your own space, and fill it with a lifetime of memories.

That is why Arada developed Nasma Residences, which are the most inexpensive freehold houses in Sharjah.

We have designed houses that decrease wasted space while also improving the quality of living space by utilizing clever design and best-in-class building processes.

Features & Amenities

Nasma Residences in Sharjah provides luxurious services and amenities, as well as access to the community's green spaces. A lavish life involves an array of amenities and services that go above and beyond what's usual to just provide you with an unparalleled level of comfort and refinement. Experience the unlimited pleasures that this premium community has to offer.

Residents can enjoy a range of modern amenities including pools, fitness centers, gardens, parks, children’s play areas, and a range of retail and dining options. Additionally, Arada's new Nasma Residences is connected to the extensive road network of Sharjah and has easy access to key amenities in the area.

Master Plan

Nasma Residences is ideally situated to benefit from Sharjah's long history of educational achievement. The international school, located in the heart of the Nasma community, will provide your children with the best education and use of world-class facilities.

Sharjah University City is merely a short drive away from the Nasma Residences complex. Its stunning Islamic-influenced architecture, situated on scenic grounds, has made it something of a tourist destination, but the institution’s true value is in its commitment to providing world-class education.


Nasma Residences, located in the Al Tayy Suburb, is an ideal community furnished with every facility you could need, from vast public parks and stores to an on-site school. Nasma Residences location also ensures that getting to Dubai through Emirates Road is easy and free of traffic. Hence, whether it's for personal or business reasons, your brief journey will be stress-free and safe.

Nasma means breeze, and the simple delight of a cool breeze on a wonderful summer day, surrounded by lush vegetation, is reflected in the community that we have created.

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