Fifa World Cup 2022: UAE hotel rates see 20% increase; 100% occupancy expected

Before the final kickoff of the biggest athletic event in the area, hotels and homestays in the UAE are experiencing a significant uptick. During the Qatar World Cup, many experts anticipate 100 percent occupancy and at least a 20 percent boost in hotel rates. Industry insiders anticipate that the country's hospitality sector would grow as a result of the football extravaganza.

According to Varun Ahuja, Director of Sales at Aloft Dubai South, "the demand for rooms during the World Cup is creating a jump in costs, with a 20 percent increase in room rates, especially during the group stages." "As a hotel near the airport, we have a strong pipeline of individual and group bookings from ticket holders for (matches), and we anticipate that demand for lodging will increase once more in August and September.

Millions of fans are expected to attend the 2022 Fifa world cup, which is planned to take place in Qatar from November 21 to December 18. Due to its lack of housing, the nation has earlier announced shuttle services from neighboring nations to handle the surge of tourists.

Being only 30 minutes away by plane, people are choosing to stay in Dubai and come to Qatar to watch the games, according to Saeed Al Zubaidi, CEO of Like Home by Dar Al Zain Vacation Homes Rental.

What sort of real estate developments are there in Qatar

- Not only will this be the first FIFA World Cup held in the region, but it will also be the most compacted due to all games taking place in and around Doha.

- The venues for this World Cup have a modular construction, making them more eco-friendly than previous tournaments.

- This will be the final time a world cup is held in a single nation.

Welcome to Doha, Qatar

- Greetings from Qatar's ultramodern capital, Doha. Doha, which lies in the east of the nation, is populated by about 646,000 people from all over the world. It serves as the commercial hub and fastest-growing town in the nation.

- Doha underwent a major economic change to transform from a significant pearling and fishing village with 350 pearling boats at the beginning of the 20th century to a modern cultural, huge city.

- Over the years, the tourism industry in Doha has developed quickly, bringing attention to important museums and important sites.