Nakheel gives 'Deira Islands' a makeover - new five-island destination will be "Deira Islands"

Dubai: The "Deira Islands" idea has been transformed by the master developer for Dubai into a group of five islands covering 17 square miles. The name of the new location, "Dubai Islands," reflects the developer's success as a function of the Dubai brand.

To "reinforce the emirate's position as a global destination of choice for residents, visitors, and investors," the project will be in line with the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan.

Over 80 resorts and hotels will be located on each island, and each will have its own unique offers. "Dubai Islands are a vital component of the future vision for the emirate, concentrating on boosting the health, happiness, and welfare of inhabitants and visitors, as well as delivering the highest standards and variety of urban infrastructure and facilities," said Naaman Atallah, CEO of Nakheel.

"Dubai Islands will provide another destination inside a destination, adding to the Nakheel portfolio of residential, retail, hotel, and recreational complexes."

Additionally, this is Nakheel's largest project announcement since 2019–20, when it concentrated on completing projects that had already been announced. This includes other high-end housing complexes throughout Dubai as well as a massive mall on the Palm.

Deira Islands had a few new resorts opening up in the previous iteration. There was space in such a scheme for more residential highrises. However, these were created for the leasing industry.

There will be more than 20 kilometers of beaches, including a "Blue Flag" certified beach, around 2 kilometers squared of parks and open space, and premium golf courses with views of the Arabian Gulf in the "Dubai Islands" image.

The number of public parks and beachfront spaces will grow in Dubai Islands.

The Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan's goal of "creating lively and healthy communities" is supported by a network of marina promenades and pathways for walking, bicycling, and transit by land, water, and air.